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Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules and Regulations - CHS PDF Print E-mail

The Wyoming Department of Agriculture is amending Chapter 23 of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture’s General Agency Rules. This amendment incorporates the Office of Administrative Hearings Uniform Rules for Contested Case Practice and Procedures Chapter 2. Formerly, Chapter 23 outlined the practice and procedure for contested case hearings, with the Board of Agriculture as the body conducting evidentiary hearings and making decisions.

The Department of Agriculture is incorporating the Uniform Rules for Contested Case Practice and Procedure which will allow for uniform, consistent, and appropriate hearing procedures. This change is necessary to ensure that any establishment will be afforded the necessary fair process. The changes to Chapter 23 are denoted through the “strike and underline” method. Underlined items are proposed additions and strike-through items are proposed deletions.

The 45 day public comment period ends July 25, 2016.  A public hearing will be held if requested by 25 persons, a governmental subdivision or by an association having not less than 25 members.  Written comments or request for a public hearing may be addressed to: Wyoming Department of Agriculture, 2219 Carey Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82002.

To obtain a copy of the proposed changes to the Wyoming Department of Agriculture General Agency Rules, Chapter 23 or a copy of a complete description of the changes, interested parties may contact Linda Stratton, Assistant Manager of Consumer Health Services at . The proposed changes to the Wyoming Department General Agency Rules may be accessed on the Consumer Health Services website at

Wyoming Department of Agriculture