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The analyses are representative of those requested but the list is not all-inclusive. You should contact the lab at (307) 742-2984 for a price quote and sampling instructions prior to submitting samples.

Bacteriology Chemical and Physical Analysis Meat Chemistry
Antibiotics and Inhibitors Added Water Ascorbates
B-Hemo Disease Producing Bacteria Screen Adulteration; Qualitative Tests Cereal
Clost. Perf.; foods Ash Corn Syrup Solids
Coliform Butterfat - Gerber Extenders; Qualitative
Direct Smear Butterfat - Mojonnier Fat; Soxlet
DMSCC Cassein, Ash, and Salt Milk; Non-fat dry; via lactose
E. Coli Extraneous Matter Moisture; Total
Pathogenic Organisms Fat - Cereal Products Nitrates
Phosphatase Fat - Mojonnier Nitrites; Colorimetric
Plate Count; (SPC, PI/SPC, APC, HPC) Fat - Soxlet Extraction Phosphates
Ring Test Metals Trace Protein; Crude Total; Meat
  Moisture in Butter Protein Fat Free
  Moisture/Total Solids Salt; Titration
  Non-fat Solids Soy Protein, Isolated
  Phosphorus Soy Protein Concentrate
  pH; foods  
  Protein; Crude; Foods  
  Vitamin Assay  

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