Pesticides and Wyoming Homeowners

Wyoming Agriculture

In case of a spill: Use personal protective equipment. Act immediately.

Three C's for spill cleanup.

Control the spill:

  • Place torn or punctured containers into larger empty ones.
  • Stand overturned containers upright

Contain (confine) the spill:

  • Limit chemical spread by using a dike or dam.
  • Seal off all entry points into water or sewers, no matter how small the spill.
  • Add an absorbent (dirt, sawdust, cat litter) to liquids.

Clean up the spill:

  • Include any contaminated absorbent material.
  • Quick cleanup minimizes entry into surface or sewer water and leaching to groundwater.

Helpful Hints

For disposal of common household cleanups:

Place the container and all contaminated materials in a large plastic garbage bag. Contact your local Weed & Pest office for proper disposal methods.