Pesticides and Wyoming Homeowners

Wyoming Agriculture

Safety Practices

Follow all label instructions carefully.

Wash your hands, forearms, and face with soap and water after mixing, loading, applying, or otherwise handling pesticides.

Measuring cups and spoons used for pesticides should never be reused for other purposes.

Clothing worn during mixing, loading, and application should be washed separate from the family laundry.

Post a KEEP OFF sign on treated areas, outdoors, until sprays have dried.

Clean application equipment immediately after use, prior to storage. Sprayers should be rinsed by filling with water, shaking well, and pouring the rinsate onto the actual application site. Repeat at least once, preferably twice.

Do not apply clippings from recently treated grass as mulch around flowers beds or vegetable gardens.

Store unused pesticides safely out of reach of children and pets.


Read the label to determine how long you should wait after applying a pesticide before harvesting the crop for human consumption.

Always wash treated fruits and vegetables before harvesting the crop for human or animal consumption.

Never apply pesticides to crops not specified on the label.

  • Read the label before mixing and applying pesticides.
  • Use chemical-resistant gloves-never cotton or leather.
  • Wear long pants and sturdy shoes, not sneakers or sandals.
  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Wear safety goggles to protect the eyes.

Helpful tips

  • Store unused pesticides in a locked cabinet that will not freeze and has proper ventilation.
  • Be sure to follow the chemical label and follow all suggestions for using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Monitoring for Pesticides in Wyoming’s Water

In 1991, members if local, State, and Federal governments, as well as industry and interest groups formed the Ground-water and Pesticide Strategy Committee to prepare the State of Wyoming’s generic Management Plan for Pesticides in Ground Water. Part of this plan was to determine if pesticides are found in the Wyoming’s water. The Wyoming Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Geological Survey have sampled the State’s groundwater and surface water for pesticides since 1995. Details of the sampling efforts can be found in publications and on the web.