Food Safety

Consumer Health Services inspects thousands of licensed food establishments across the state of Wyoming with the goal of identifying and reducing/eliminating risks to public health and a focus on education of establishment owners and staff.

Inspection frequencies are based on risk and type of establishment such as full service restaurants, fast food restaurants, schools, and grocery stores. Risk is also determined by the inspection history of the establishment and whether or not the establishment has been involved in a food borne illness outbreak. All food establishments will be inspected at least one time per year with some establishments inspected four times per year. The food establishment inspections are based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system that concentrates on items most likely to cause a food borne illness. The items most likely to cause a food borne illness are: violations in the time/temperature relationship for food; personal hygiene such as poor hand washing practices and sick employees preparing food; cross-contamination of food or utensils from raw to cooked products; improper cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces; and contamination of food and equipment by insects and/or rodents.

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CHS Basic Requirements

Basic Bed & Breakfast Requirements | Click here to open
Door to Door Sales Policy | Click here to open
Food Donation Policy 2020 | Click here to open
Food Service Requirements | Click here to open
Minimum Requirements for Selling Eggs After Candling and Grading | Click here to open
Safely Selling or Buying Locally Produced Eggs | Safely Selling or Buying locally Produced Eggs
Starting a Retail Food Business | Starting a Retail Food Business 2020
Variance HACCP Guidance 2019 | Click here to open
Variance HACCP Request Form 2019 | Click here to open
Mobile Food Unit Requirements | Mobile Food Unity Requirements
Temporary Food Stand Requirements | Click here to open

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Wyoming Food Freedom Act

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