Analytical Services Laboratory

The Analytical Services Laboratory is located in Laramie, WY and our chemists and microbiologists are engaged in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of numerous materials for hundreds of different compounds, elements, microorganisms and/or other contaminants. Click through our page to learn more about the tests we are able to run and how we can help you today.

Analytical Services FAQ

The Analytical Services lab is located in Laramie, Wyoming at 1174 Snowy Range Road.

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It really depends on the product or substance being tested. It's easiest to contact the lab at 307-742-2984 to get instructions for your specific needs.

Analytical Services actively contributes to the protection of health and the quality-of-life of our agriculture and urban communities. This mission continues by: efficiently producing the highest quality data possible; expanding the knowledge, expertise and skills of our personnel; cooperating with all agencies, groups and individuals interested in achieving these same goals.

You may contact the laboratory by mail, phone, FAX, e-mail or through the Internet.

Analytical Services does not collect any of the samples analyzed in the laboratory. The employees of the Consumer Health Services Section or Technical Services Section collect samples analyzed for the Department of Agriculture. Other samples are collected by the department, agency, firm or individual submitting the sample for analysis. Analytical Services can provide information on sampling and in some cases will provide sample containers. All first time sample submitters should contact the laboratory prior to sample collection and shipment to ensure laboratory capability, sample requirements and schedules.

Much of the data generated by Analytical Services is used by the various regulatory agencies to ensure the products manufactured or marketed in Wyoming meet standards imposed by state and federal law or regulation. A large percentage of this work is for the protection of the public's health and the health of food animals. Data generated for the general public is used for a wide variety of purposes; such as improving the profitability of production agriculture, demonstrating compliance with state or federal regulations, the kind and size of water treatment equipment, the quality of surface water and the identification of pollution sources, etc.


Analytical Services Laboratory Payment Portal

To pay any fees owed to the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Analytical Services Laboratory, visit the following link.

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IOS 17025 and EPA Certified Laboratory

We are accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) in accordance to the ISO 17025 standard for the specific tests listed in certificate 4833.01. The laboratory also has full certification from US Environmental Agency, Region 8, for testing of drinking water for inorganic chemistry and microbiology methods.

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