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Laboratory Manager & State Chemist: Teresa Jarvis

Quality Science for Agriculture, Health and the Environment

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Analytical Services Laboratory, located at the intersection of I-80 and Snowy Range Road, is comprised of the chemical and bacteriological sections. These two sections provide services to the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, other governmental subdivisions of the State of Wyoming, agencies of the Federal Government, and Wyoming citizens.

Analytical Services chemists and microbiologists are engaged in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the following materials for hundreds of different compounds, elements, microorganisms and/or other contaminants:

Antifreeze, Fertilizer, Animal Feed, Hemp, Grain, Food Products, Forage, Raw Milk, Pesticide Residues, Dairy Products, Petroleum Fuels, Surface Water, Meat, Pesticide Formulations, Waste Water, Drinking Water, Ground Water, Irrigation Water, Sludges

Analytical Services actively contributes to the protection of health and the quality-of-life of our agriculture and urban communities. This mission continues by:

  • efficiently producing the highest quality data possible
  • expanding the knowledge, expertise and skills of our personnel
  • cooperating with all agencies, groups and individuals interested in achieving these same goals

We strive to provide accurate and precise chemical and bacteriological analyses in a timely manner to all clients to show that products marketed, manufactured, or consumed in the state meet standards established by law, regulation or label guarantee. This application of quality science ensures value, a quality environment, and healthy food supply.

It is important to remember: the quality of the analysis is only as good as the quality of the sample. Always contact the laboratory before sampling.

1174 Snowy Range Road

Laramie, Wyoming 82070

Phone: (307) 742-2984

FAX: (307) 742-2156

Analytical Services Laboratory Office

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Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm


1174 Snowy Range Road

Laramie, WY 82070

To voice a concern or complaint about WDA programs, please call the WDA hotline at 888-413-0114.