Emergency Insect Management Grant

The Wyoming Emergency Insect Management Committee is accepting applications for 2024 Emergency Insect Management grant funds.  

The 2003 Wyoming Legislature passed the Emergency Insect Management Program Act (EIMPA) (W.S. 11-5-401 through 11-5-405) to provide funding to state agencies and political subdivisions such as cities, towns, counties, weed and pest districts and special districts. This funding is to provide supplemental help to manage emergency outbreaks of insect pests and insect vectors of diseases for the protection of human health and safety, animal health including livestock and wildlife, agriculture and natural resources.

Application deadline for 2021 funding is: March 31, 2024.  Applications must be postmarked or emailed by that day.  

For questions concerning the grant program, please contact Lindsay Woodward at 307-777-6585 or lindsey.woodward@wyo.gov

Emergency Insect Grant Program

2024 Emergency Insect Management Grant Program Application | PDF Application | Word Application