Weed and Pest Program

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The Weed & Pest Program functions of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Technical Services Division include:

  • Manages and coordinates weed and pest activities for the State of Wyoming among Wyoming Weed and Pest Control Districts, Wyoming Weed and Pest Council, Federal agencies (District, State and National), Municipalities, Trade Associations, other states, and other organizations as well as the private sector.
  • Coordinates and manages grant programs from the federal and state agencies which benefit the Weed and Pest District programs.
  • Assists Districts in the management of state designated or declared noxious weeds and pests on private, state, federal and municipally owned lands.
  • Coordinates the Emergency Insect Management Program.
  • Weed Free Forage Program
  • State and Private Forestry Grants
  • Pesticide Registration Fee Grants

Certified Hay: Certified hay helps prevent the introduction and spread of noxious weeds, therefore protecting natural resources including wildlife habitat. In addition, certain provinces, states, and federal agencies (ex. US Forest Service) have areas where the use of certified hay is required. Wyoming certifies hay using the North American Weed Free Forage (NAWFF) standards. This standard is recognized and approved in 13 other western states including those neighboring Wyoming.

Growers should contact their local Weed & Pest District for more information on the certification program.

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