License Renewals - Technical Services

Online renewals is currently unavailable. Questions can be sent to

You can now renew and manage your Wyoming Department of Agriculture Technical Services licenses online. The new online system does accept credit cards for online renewals. We will be updating our license portal over time but for now you can manage the following options:

  1. Update contact/business information including mailing address.
  2. All changes are pending approval by the WDA before they officially take effect.
  3. Renew your current licenses and review current license categories.
  4. At this time you are not able to edit current license information.
  5. To cancel a product please just do not renew it.
  6. To drop a category/license please just do not renew it.
  7. If there is a cost associated with your license you must renew the category/license that has the price attached in order to renew your license.
  8. You must meet certain requirements to renew your license. If those requirements are not met yet the system will not allow you to renew your licenses at this time. For questions on those requirements please contact us at 307-777-7324

This system is for all technical services licenses including:

  1. Establishment Licenses (Open Renewal 12/31 thru 6/30)
  2. Small Capacity Scales
  3. Medium Capacity Scales
  4. Large Capacity Scales
  5. Mineral System Scales
  6. Livestock Scales
  7. Gas Pumps & Liquid Measuring Devices
  8. Vehicle Tank Meters
  9. Liquefied Petroleum Gas Meters
  10. Refined Fuel Loading Rack Meters
  11. Grain Moisture Meters
  12. Pesticide Applicator Licenses
  13. Commercial Pesticide Applicators (Education/Exam Requirements) (Open Renewal 10/31 thru 4/30)
  14. Private Pesticide Applicators (Education/Exam Requirements) (Open Renewal 1/30 thru 7/30)
  15. Reciprocal Pesticide Applicator (Document Requirements) (Open Renewal for 3 mo. before and 3 mo. after your expiration date)
  16. Plant Industry Licenses (Open Renewal 12/31 thru 6/30)
  17. Grain Warehouseman
  18. Nursery Stock Dealer
  19. Nursery Stock Salesman
  20. Pesticide Dealer
  21. Seed Cleaner/Conditioning
  22. Deed Dealer
  23. Predator Gunner/Pilot (Open Renewal 12/31 thru 6/30)
  24. Apiary (Open Renewal 12/31 thru 6/30)
  25. Product Registration (Open Renewal 9/30 thru 3/31)

To access the online system please click on the link below:

Online renewals is currently unavailable. Questions can be sent to

Your username is your current license number. Your password has been assigned by the Department of Agriculture and can be retrieved by calling 307-777-7324. We will be sending out usernames and passwords via USPS in the coming days to your mailing address on file. Please retain this mailing for your username and password.

Technical Services Online License Portal

Online renewals is currently unavailable. Questions can be sent to

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