Mediation Outreach

Mediation Stop Animation Video

The Wyoming Agriculture & Natural Resource Mediation Program offers a process to assist Wyoming citizens in resolving their disputes in a way that is voluntary, confidential, low-cost, and time-saving. The Wyoming Agriculture & Natural Resources Mediation Program can assist in a wide variety of issues including:

- USFS grazing permit disputes

- Ag credit issues

- USDA adverse decisions (FSA, NRCS, Rural Dev., RMA)

- Farmer/neighbor conflicts

- Ag family farm transition discussions

- Lease issues including land and equipment leases

- Organic program appeals

- Ag business disputes

- Pesticides

- And more!

If you are involved in a conflict and wondering if mediation is right for you, please contact the WDA at 307-777-8788 today. (All inquiries about mediation are confidential)

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This was a fun little video we did to help raise the awareness of the Mediation program and how you can use it if needed. CLICK HERE to learn more about the program here at the WDA.