With inspectors located across the state, the WDA Consumer Health Services division is tasked with inspecting hundreds of swimming pools/spas in the state of Wyoming.

There are 3 pool/spa categories: General-use pools/spas, limited-use pools/spas and flow-thru pools/spas. Pools/spas and limited-use pools/spas use a system of filtration and automatic disinfection to maintain water quality. Flow-thru pools/spas are located in areas where there are naturally occurring hot springs that provide the water for the pools/spas. These pools/spas rely on the natural flow of water through them to maintain adequate water quality. The water in the flow-thru pools/spas in Wyoming is not filtered and receives no disinfection. As in the food establishment inspection frequencies, CHS inspectors risk assess the pools/spas to determine how often each pool/spa is inspected. Each pool/spa is inspected at least one time per year.

CHS Wyoming Regulations for Swimming Pools, Spas & Similar Installations

Wyoming Swimming Pool And Spa Health and Safety Act | Click here to open
Table of Contents | Click here to open
Chapter 1: Purpose, Variances, Definitions, and Operator Requirements | Click here to open
Chapter 2: Requirements for Plan Submission & Specifications, License Application and Issuance; Inspection | Click here to open
Chapter 3: General and Structural Design; Equipment Standards | Click here to open
Chapter 4: Sanitary Facilities and Controls | Click here to open
Chapter 5: Water Quality, Test Kits, Record Keeping | Click here to open
Chapter 6: Lifeguards, Lifesaving Equipment, Ladders, Recessed Steps, Diving Boards, Slides, Flumes, and Related Requirements | Click here to open
Chapter 7: Dressing and Sanitary Facilities, Bathhouses | Click here to open

CHS Pool/Spa Information

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