Technical Services Publications

Publications Available Online:


Forms & Applications Available Online:


Publications Available by Mail:

  • Brochures, Statutes, and Regulations
  • Plant Industry: Alfalfa Leafcutter Bee, Apiary, Commercial Feed, Fertilizer, Grain Standards, Grain Warehouse, Livestock Remedies, Nursery Stock, Pesticide Applicators, Pesticides, Potatoes, Seed
  • Predatory Animals: Aerial Hunting, Animal Damage Management, Predatory Animals
  • Brochure: Dealing with Wolf Predation on the Ranch
  • Weights & Measures: Registered Service Technician, Weights & Measures, Brochure: How to Avoid Getting Burned When Buying Firewood, Brochure: Fuel for Thought - Getting What You Pay for at the Gas Station


Resource & Training Manuals:

  • Livestock Protection Collar: Available at classroom training only
  • Small Animal Control
  • M-44

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