Technical Services

Technical Services is comprised of seven major program areas that oversee 14 different laws. Technical Services provides a variety of services from compliance assistance with mandated laws to hands on training and more. The expertise within the division is focused on meeting the goals of truthfully marketed commodities in the state of Wyoming. 

If you are trying to renew your license, visit our online licensing portal at __________. If it's a new product, contact our division at 307-777-7321 or

Contact the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures program by sending an email to _____ or calling _______. Then a WDA employee will investigate the complaint.

Visit to learn more about the board, the programs that are funded and more about predators in Wyoming.

You can visit __________ to learn more about the Wyoming Hemp program, find the rules of the program, and application.

Please complete this online complaint form. Please include as much detail related to the incident as possible. A Technical Services inspector will reach out to you to follow-up on further information. Timing may be critical based on the complaint (i.e fuel quality, pesticide drift) Anonymous complaints are not accepted.  


Renewal Season!

It's time for renewal season in Technical Services. If you have already had a license and need to renew it, click the following link!

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Online Training

If you are looking for training from Technical Services, look no further. Click the link below to access more information.

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